5 Secrets to Master Guest Blogging & Drive More Website Traffic – Small Business Can


by Rodolfo Melogli There are a number of reasons why you should consider writing guest posts on a regular basis.It works just as well for both websites: the host website gets free, invaluable, informative content – and you (the guest) get visibility, a nice “SEO backlink” and hopefully – a storm of website traffic. However, marketers […]

When Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing Collide


by VIVIAN MICHAELS — in CONTRIBUTORS Both artificial intelligence and social media marketing are getting a lot of attention nowadays because of their huge benefits and growth potential. They are benefiting both businesses and normal people in various ways. The investment has already been growing in the artificial intelligence, and the investment is further expected to […]

Entrepreneurship is 80% sales and marketing | Dries Buytaert


Dries Buytaert (On digital experiences, Open Source, startups & the future) Background in business is a ‘nice to have’, not a ‘must have’ for an aspiring entrepreneur. I had no solid business background when I founded Mollom or Acquia (I launched them roughly at the same time). Other than the standard things (an idea, passion and […]

6 Easy Steps To Create Your Entrepreneurial Sales Process


How many times have you felt like you had gotten “lost” when trying to sell a prospect on your product or service? How frustrated have you been when you felt like you weren’t in control of your sales interactions? It happens to all of us and it can be maddening. Navigating the sales process isn’t […]

5 mega-successful entrepreneurs who launched their careers in sales

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by Steli Efti In 2011, over 400,000 businesses were launched in the US. Two years later, one-third of those businesses had gone under. Waverly Deutsch, clinical professor of entrepreneurship at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, attributes this to a lack of salesmanship. She argues that many young entrepreneurs are innovators, engineers or […]

4 Things New Entrepreneurs Must Learn About Sales and Marketing


 Feb 23, 2014 by Al Davidson In Sales 13  Email this ArticlePrint This Article Entrepreneurs are a special breed – they are risk takers, innovators, and problem solvers. They are often enthusiastic, passionate and willing to stand up for their beliefs. But many entrepreneurs struggle with sales and marketing. If you’re one of these new […]

5 Little-Known Sales Skills that Entrepreneurs Should Master


Aug 30, 2016 by Jeff Charles In Sales 9   Aren’t you tired of the same old sales tips? I can’t blame you. There’s so many different sales techniques that entrepreneurs can use to gain more business. It can be hard to determine which ones work the best. I’ve written tons of posts giving sales […]